I had a free Wordpress site also called Reanne Reads a while back. I shut it down when I decided to stop reviewing, and when I tried to open it up again, I found I couldn't (for miscellaneous technical reasons). I may or may not re-upload some of the content from that website. This site is mainly to post my thoughts on some books that I read (and possibly other media if I feel like it; we'll see how it goes).

I mostly like things of a fantasy or sci-fi variety (mostly of a 'softer' shade), and I like romantic stories. I also really like happy endings, so I while I do enjoy some good angst, I don't like grimdark or things being too bleak and hopeless, and I hate when characters I like get killed.

I'm (sort of) on Twitter @reannereads

If you're an author/publisher wanting to ask if I'll review your book, send me an e-mail to reannereads@gmail.com

I'm open to fantasy, sci-fi, YA, MG, and romance. Please nothing that doesn't have a happy ending, though. I may not agree to review the book (I have a substantial TBR pile already), but if I do, I'll want it in epub format or you can give me a code for the Audible audiobook.

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